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You can process 6 sheets of 5x7 with one 16x20 tray and 1 5x7 slosher tray that fits inside it.

1. Pour 2 liters of tempered water into the 16x20 tray, insert the slosher tray and pre-soak the film. Then add the developer concentrate to the soak water and agitate for 30 seconds.

2. At the halfway point, agitate for another 30 seconds.

3. When the development time is up, pour the necessary amount of non-hardening fixer concentrate directly into the developer and agitate (this is a Pat Gainer trick and it works very well).

4. Dump the used developer/fixer and wash the film in the slosher/16x20 tray combo, using multiple changes of water. The wash water needs to be within a degree or so of the soak/development/fixing chemistry - AVOID THERMAL SHOCKS!
Are you kidding me? All I need is one tray to do this in and I don't have to pour anything out in between? I was wanting to do tray development as I thought it would be much easier when developing my inspection and now you're telling me that it's even easier than I thought!?!?!? Do you really do it this way, Tom, as I don't have space for multiple 16x20 trays and this sounds fabulous! (As you can tell, there are lots of exclamation marks because I'm quite excited! )

To keep things even simpler I could just have 4-5 gallons of water in jugs that have been tempered to room temperature over time and once I use one I can just fill it back up again--removing the need to worry about temperature changes in the water.