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Are you kidding me? All I need is one tray to do this in and I don't have to pour anything out in between? I was wanting to do tray development as I thought it would be much easier when developing my inspection and now you're telling me that it's even easier than I thought!?!?!? Do you really do it this way, Tom, as I don't have space for multiple 16x20 trays and this sounds fabulous! (As you can tell, there are lots of exclamation marks because I'm quite excited! )

To keep things even simpler I could just have 4-5 gallons of water in jugs that have been tempered to room temperature over time and once I use one I can just fill it back up again--removing the need to worry about temperature changes in the water.
Here is an Efke PL100 8x10 semi-stand developed by the technique I described. The Pyrocat-HD dilution was 2:2:100 and the development time was 16.5 minutes at 21C.


BTW: I use water in jugs (1 liter and 2 liter Nalgene) that is at my darkroom temperature. Ditto for my stock concentrates.

I do my film/developer testing in a SS tank with 120 roll film on Hewes SS reels. I use the same procedures that I use for LF sheet film.