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I'm pretty sure that BTZS tubes (at least the 4x5 tubes I have) are NOT made this way. You must agitate fairly often (roll every 10-15 seconds at the least) or you get nice lines on your negative. I get this effect even when overfilling the cap as much as possible. Though I suppose you could fill the entire tube with developer if you wanted, but that defeats the convenience/purpose of the cap.

Just a warning to those who might try it....
I use Pyrocat HD 1:1:120 and need only 25 ml of A and B solutions to develop 4 sheets of 8x10 film. The amount of fixer I use is about 1 liter and is poured onto an 8x10 tray. I do not throw the fixer out after one session. I reuse for a few more then replenish with fresh fixer when appropriate.

Regarding the convenience of the cap. I start by filling it with water and then roll the tubes for 5 mins for the presoak. I also use the cap after I dump the developer - I fill it again with water for a 1 minute rinse before removing the negative from the tubes and laying it out on the tray with fixer.

Over 200 sheets of 8x10 developed using minimal agitation and not one unevenly developed.

PROVISO: I would not use minimal agitation for negatives in which sky area comprises more than 50 per cent of the scene. Minimal agitation has a tendency to "smudge" sky areas if there are enough of it (see AZO forum for more on this).