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Agreed. There's nothing new as far as the end result is concerned, but I think the point is that the versatility of Photoshop retouching lowers the need for expertise on the part of the photographer. Photoshop retouching is much cheaper than airbrushing etc. and it can do things to an image that just weren't possible, (at least not at an affordable cost) in the past. There's no such thing as a "re-shoot" these days.

Bob H
.....You're dead right there, Bob me boy, but i don't think you can blame digitization for the decline of picture standards (which i think are absolutely abysmal these days) Every six months or so i buy an armful of magazines friom the newsagent ranging from high fashion and lifestyle down to the lowest paparazzi/celeb crud and the pictures are just awful, not even competent half the time. No wonder they're all going broke.....shrug.