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I saw the recent (March) cover of Cosmopolitan UK, pretty shocked by how poor the cover-shot was. plastic, smooth sharpened...
I can't help but agree. That plastic-ization is most evident in Playboy ... where, at some time, they no longer featured nudes ... these girls are not nude, thanks to the generous application of body make-up. ... pounds and pounds --- or Kgs of it. The standing joke was that their forefronts were so large that balance was hopeless and they kept falling over - it became that they had trouble keeping them stable, in one place in the studio - they had so much body make-up that the were sliding all over the place!
We no longer see bare skin ... somewhere beneath all that there is a girl ...

When are people going to get tired of this %$**?
I think they already have. Playboy, after all is said and done, was VERY successful in its original form - "meteoric" was an adjective widely applied to the tracking of their rise. Now it is really - and decisively - a collection of artificial images, much like Cosmo or Elle.

This insane quest for perfection has its terrible price - one only has to consider Joan Rivers or Michael Jackson's net plastic surgery results.

Articifiality is in itself, ugly.