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I hate to even start, since I would rather just cross my fingers and try to keep my negatives spot free. But, I have at least one negative that has a spot in the emulsion. I see that Freestyle has various sizes of brushes, and dyes, and also has pens. What kinds of kit equipment do you find the most useful?
Thanks to good friends, I have enough Spotone to last me into the year 2561. I used SpotAll from Marshall's as well and it worked for me just as well. The only think, I'm not touching again are the lacquers from Schminke. However, keep in mind, Spotone is little more than ink. I'm convinced that a good drafting ink and a bit of gum arabic will work just as well. You could go the Edward Weston way and get yourself some dry India or China ink and mix as much as you need with gum arabic. I have tried that, it it works perfectly.