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The natural look has gone, toss out your Imagons and 150SF's, you don't need them anymore !
A wrinkle here and there: just polish it any..............

The other day, a client: "Could you photoshop out those cars, overhead powerlines and poles, and oh, I don't like that shadow either....."
"For free, please, 'cause I am not going to pay for photoshop"

A reshoot on a sunday takes less time.

What has this world become ?????

Yeah - don't you just love that! "What do you mean there's a charge for post production? Why?" Try asking them to do the shoot on a Sunday 'cos it's more convenient for you!! They seem to think that using Photoshop is just pushing a button and it just guesses what you want. Recently a client had specifically asked for a partially open window in a shoot. A week later he wanted me to close the window in Photoshop! Seemed to think it would take no more time than actually closing the window itself!!

Wrong forum I know - but needed to vent

Bob H