ive just recieved my ansco 5x7 pretty much as described by seller
but i have 2 problems the most pressing from my point of view is that the
bellows are like concrete - the bellows are resisting drawing out (stiff) and
if i try to apply front tilt the front wants to revert to straight up and down
as the bellows are "set" and simply pull the standard back straight are they suposed to be that rigid? it fells like if i try to use the tilt the bellows will
soon split or tear

is there any thing to soften up the bellows - it appears to be a black plastic
laminate with fabric inside, the outside looks like black pvc but hard and definetly not leather

my second problem is the extension rail hinge is slightly twisted and the rail
doesnt unfold with out fouling is there any one who holds any spares for these things or is it a case of getting something like a piano hinge and cutting
it down to suit.

thanks david