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Thanks Steve,
I'll take whatever you have, shipped to Canada.
My offer was intended to be for the original Poster (Mark Tomlinson). I will send him a PM (unless he answers here) and give him the first option.

If he isn't interested, I will find out how much shipping to Canada will cost. I'm in the UK so it may not be cost effective.

I have just had a look at it. It's a CPE2 Plus and I have the CPE Lift as well. I have never used it. It has been in my shed for about four years and it was in my father's shed for a few years before that.

I believe it was working before it retired to a life of shed dwelling but I can't guarantee that, or that it is complete.

It may clean up fine and work properly or it may be a good source of spares.

If I get the time, I will clean it up and post some pictures.