SN: 1,5xx,xxx should be in a rim-set Compur as it dates from 1934 which is 5 years after the Compur was redesigned.

I was using a 135mm Tessar on my Crown Graphic and found that edge & corner sharpness only became reasonable at f16 and good at f22. The lack of coating gives a rounded tonality, different to modern coated versions I found the major difference was alack of micro contrast when I compared prints made with it to those from my Symmars, and more recently 50's T coated CZJ f4.5 150mm Tessar and modern Xenar f5.5 150mm (21st C SN).

The extra speed of the f3.5 is likely to be at the expense of edge/corner sharpness, there was also an f6.3 version of the Tessar's.

If your Heliar is uncoated the Tessar should be similar in its results.