It was a pleasure to meet you and all of the others who attended the workshop. It was so much fun and I will be back next year.


I believe that the next "Week Long" workshop is planed for May in Oregon. I am going to try to attend that one too and make it a family vacation. If there is any way that you can make it you will not regret it.

When I arrived last Saturday I was ready to give up on large format. But after spending nearly a week shooting with the 8x10 and getting help from all the great people in attendance I have went from pure frustration to being completely comfortable with it. My first shot with the 8x10 last Saturday took me nearly 15 minutes to set up and make an exposure. The last shot that I took today was at sunset in rapidly changing light and I setup, exposed, and had the camera put away in around 5 minutes. I call that great progress and I owe it all the the workshop.

Per is a wonderful man. Very knowledgable and very willing to share that knowledge with anyone wishing to learn.

The highlight of the week for me was today when Per sat down with me for over an hour to look at my prints. When I left for the workshop last week I was in such a hurry I forgot to bring my portfolio. I had my wife ship some of my prints to me and they arrived today. Per took the time to look at them and explained what he liked about each of them and offered advice on how I can print them even stronger. How often do we have an opportunity to receive such feedback on our work from a master photographer/printer? This alone made the trip worth it.

As Geary said Aggie was of great help. She gave me the "Ten Cent Tour" (her words) of the park to show me some of the better spots. She also was a taxi driver throughout the week for myself and several others when needed. She had the door to her room open for anyone wanting to develop film, change out film holders, etc. But the best thing she done for us was to arrange unlimited access to the ghost town in Grafton.

I would like to give a big public thank you to Per, Aggie, and everyone else (including JandC for their generous discount they gave to people who attended) for their efforts.

I look forward to next May and seeing everyone again.