I can understand that after you take a picture with a 202 that the lens needs to be drawn back across the film, and therefore there must be some sort of baffle that comes between the rear lens elements and the film plane. But when I "take" a picture while watching the rear of the lens with the back open, I can't see the rear of the lens because of what I'm calling a baffle in place. My question is why that baffle isn't moving out of the way when I take the picture (admittedly with the back open and no film). I though that the engagement of the baffle might be linked to the little button that gets pressed down when the back is closed so the counter will work, but that doesn't seem to be it.

Anyone have a 202 who can take a look and tell me if the too cannot (or can) see the rear of the lens when the lens turret rotates? Any thoughts on this topic?