Is this a wish list for this year, or a list of things we acquired last year?

#1 on my wish list is a wide and a tele for my RZ. Prob the 65mm or 75mm shift and the 350 or 360mm.
#2 on my wish list is an 8x10 conversion for my Sinar, with a 5x7 reducer.
#3 on my wish list is to get a better enlarger. A 23C or 45MX.
#4 on the list is some color 5x7 film, now that I know there is more variety than I knew.
#5 on the list is some good external hard drives, since both of my computers are packed to the gills.
#6 MAYBE some Dynalites, though that is probably a goal for '10.

As for what I have acquired this year:

1. Canon FD 28mm f/2.0 and hood
2. Canon FD 200mm f/2.8 IF (replacement for lens dropped in the middle of a road trip)
3. Horseman 6x7 120 back for 4x5
4. Horseman revolving 2x3 back and ground glass with 6x9 film holder for 4x5
5. 20 sheets of expired 8x10 transparency film
6. Mamiya RZ extension tube (Thanks Chris! Will get your film packed up soon!)
7. Canon FD type F low-light focusing screen for old F-1.

I have spent about $700 so far on all this stuff. OUCH!! (The big splurge was the revolving 6x9 back.) That averages to $233 per month...better slow down this year!