I use just what you'd think. A back pack.

My old Osprey daypack is great for 5x4 and would hold bigger formats with ease. Holds the camera, my lenses (5 max), film holders (10 max), meter, filters, all the bits and pieces, all the way to 3 liters of water bladder with a sip tube, and the tripod/ball head fits easily on the back, one leg in each of the straps designed to hold skis. Nicely balanced and a suspension system to love. It's a joy to hike with.

If I'm fully loaded that's about 16Kg. I've taken this rig over some nice long hikes. The longest was from Yosemite Valley floor up the trail to Vernal Fall, then to the top of Nevada Fall and back to the valley floor. Took all day (literally about 15 hours) and I used up all 20 sheets of film in my 10 holders.

If you want to hike it in, use hiker tools and you should be fine. If I can do it, you can do it.