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There's an answer to this question somewhere but I just had to ask.

Once you have your 4X5, 5X7 or 8X10 system (camera body, lens, film holders, tripod, etc.), just how do you transport all this stuff? Most camera bags are designed with with smaller format cameras bodies in mind.

I'm primarily interested in how people transport and protect their 4X5 gear. Especially, those photographers that may need to hike from their base location (auto, tent, cabin, etc.) where ever that may be to their prospective shooting location.
My idea of a hike is from the darkroom to the computer. For photographing close to the road, a wheeled Sears Tool Caddy. It has room enough inside for a 5x7 Ansco View and everything else I need. The tray that goes in the top is for all kinds of small stuff. And an anti-skid top goes on that. Tripod is bungee corded to the top. The unit is solid enough so that this arthritis-plagued dinosaur can sit on top