Wow, so many nice comments on this camera. It think I'll have a closer look at its condition and if everything is good condition, then I'll make an offer. Has one said, the camera is already fully depreciated, so I can just buy it and try to see if I like LF photography.

The lens are all Schneider f5.9 except the 240 which is a Rodenstock f9. As I'm totally newbie in LF, I have no idea where they are situated on the quality scale. I know that Schneider have quite good reputation in MF format (as I can't afford one for my Rollei SLR), what about LF ?

When I read LF forum, I tend to think that people here suffer from a size complexity problem and are looking for bigger and bigger. As this seems to be a spreading disease, what are the possible expansion to bigger format from a Norma 4x5 ? Is it possible to just change the back to upscale the negative size ?