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I have been looking for a portrait lens for my Canon EOS camera for some time now. I have found three lenses what I would like your comments on.
they cost about the same. If you have recommendations on other lenses I am open to them, but I primarily want comments on the lenses I mention below.

I am very keen on the first two, but thinks number 3 is too slow for my use.

Hmmm, tough choice. I would immediately jump on the 85 1.8, but the 100 will give you more of a distance to your subject and put them more at ease...

MMmmmm....I say the 100 f2. Forget the 2.8 (I use one for portraits and would love the 2.0)

Actually, I use the 80-200 2.8 L for portraits....So the 100 would be great IMO.