I just measured the lens at around 6 1/2" (but not quite at infinity - probably around 100ft - it's pouring rain so I wasn't getting outside this morning). Just for fun, I unscrewed the front element and the length increased to around 10". Removing the rear element, I discoved that with no lenses it didn't do much - so I put the front element back in and with just that one, the length increased to a bit over 12". Out of curiosity, I reversed the lens with rear element removed and found the focal length was now out around 18" (beyond the bellows length of the camera - I might have to figre out how to mount it on my GVII).

The aperature is almost centered, perhpas biased a 1/8" towards the back, but that might have to do with the geometry of the lens elements (front is bigger slightly) so it's pretty close to perfectly centered. Aperature at maximum is around 7/8".

I'll try taking some photos with it tomorrow and see if it's any good. The ground glass images look pretty good with just a single element - any inferences I can draw about the construction of this lens that it seems capable of photos this way. Should I expect decent images? What might some of the shortcomings be?