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I use ball heads - plural, in heavy and not-so-heavy versions depending on the camera of the day.

Since I can't remember when I last saw truly flat ground (could have been in Denmark in 1966, or was it 1967?) I find it much easier to use a system which doesn't assume that the tripod is perfectly level.
Oh i like that, a gem. Ole

Manfrotto 410 Geared head.

That is the one i was just looking at, as well a the Giotto ball 1300-657 or the 1301-652. They are all say they are around 5-7kg, i use a minolta 800si and a Bronica RF645 so there is no heavy's going on it. But i would like to all ways have that little X, (would'nt we all).

Thank you for your input.

Regards Graham