Hi All,

Well another Canadian winter has passed and it's time to dust off the 8x10 Ansco.

I recently acquired a 360mm Sironar-N f6.8 in a Copal 3 shutter. I plan to mount this on a lensboard I'll make myself out of 2 pieces of 1/4" oak plywood. I've made boards before and this is no problem for me.

The question is around two things:
1) The brass nut on the back of the shutter.
2) The spacer ring the lens has with it.

All my other lenses don't have this brass nut and it appears to me to have little function. I don't normally have any problems with my shutters rotating in the lensboard as long as they are tightened properly and the aperture slide still stops at both ends when the nut is removed. My lensboard will be 6x6 inches and I don't see any benefit to keeping the brass nut - I would either need to drill a hole for it to fit into, or use the spacer ring on the front of the lensboard - it doesn't give enough room to screw in the retaining ring in the back if I do. There is enough of a thin silver (dull not shiny) ring on the rear of the shutter to permit proper operation of my lens controls (IMHO).

Can anyone out there verify for me that I'm good to fly without the spacer? My understanding is that it is supposed to be used on the front of smaller, typically thin metal, lensboards to clear the front standards etc.
(like those for my Shen-Hao 4x5 which is never going to have the big 360 on it anyhow)

So I will have a 65mm hole in my 6x6 lensboard which will be 1/4" thick around the opening (I use two pieces of plywood but the rear one is smaller than 6x6 to fit the camera snugly and has a larger hole cut in it so the lens elements can fit) - then I will simply fasten the lens and shutter to the lensboard with the retaining ring.

This seems to me to be the best, but I defer to the collective wisdom of APUG!

Thanks ever so much.