Hi Dave,

I am in Victoria but have the Jobo 3005 Expert (the one that does 5 8x10 sheets at once). I certainly can give you a few tips with this one.

I use a Beseler motor base that goes in one direction - my other base oscillated and did not revolve completely around with the big 3005. Still, I need to baby sit it while it works as it can move a bit.

Also, I got in touch with Jobo and they recommended using 1.5 litres of developer but to do 750cc for half the time and then pour out and put the other 750cc in. This worked well.

I bought a transmission fluid plastic funnel with a long bendable hose on it. This allows me to pour chemistry in while the tank rotates. I keep the business end of the tank overhanging the sink...

I highly recommend you get the plastic foot pump for opening the tank as the lid can get welded on there. And don't open it with your face directly over the tank as you could end up with stitches.

Let me know if you need any more info.