This is the formula I use. Tone in a flat bottom tray, use as little of the solution as possible, and keep it moving over the print. Lift the print from time to tim and allow to drain to reduce the possibility of stains on the back.

The image should change color as much as it will in five minutes, but the palladium metal continues to replace silver for the next ten minutes or so. If you tone longer than fifteen minutes some bleaching is likely.

Sandy King

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I have been using B&S palladium sol. #3 which is apparently fairy close to a 20% sodium chloropalladite solution for toning. I use 5ml of this solution per 1000ml of toner, plus 5g of citric acid.
My question is: do you use the toner as a one shot? If you are not using as a one shot perhaps the palladium is being used up from the toner and the citric acid is beginning to bleach out the print?
Also, I notice a difference in the colour immediately and only tone for 4-5 minutes for permanence.