Hi all,

Just looking for any advice here, I have a (second hand) Hasselblad 500CM, that's after getting 'hard jammed' (as opposed to soft jammed, which is pretty common). I'm pretty handy with taking apart, repairing, and putting back together most bits and pieces, but it's looking like one of the screws needed to fix it has been glued in to place by the previous owner... Not fun. I have the lens off the body, and there's no problems there, it's just down to the body itself.

Anyways, I'm sure it could be taken apart and fixed, even with the glue, but putting solvents and the like is something I'm not willing to do myself, so firstly, is there anyone local to Dublin that would be up for it, or is it a matter of sending it away?

Looking online, I can get a second hand 500cm from the UK for under 200, inc a WLF (Don't really need it, I have a prism in good nick) and a warranty, but, I'm in a wee bit of a hurry with it, I'm preparing for a large enough show in a few weeks, and I'm hoping to have the bulk of the project shot over the next 12 days (Lifes never easy, is it?)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - Generally, I'm more than able for these things myself, but I just can't pop that screw out