Does the normalize at about the 1920s apply to both B&W and color technology?

It is obvious that the market for film has been constantly decreasing. I had wondered what would happen if the big players in this market just folded. At what level of expertise, and at what output, would some of the other film producers in places like Eastern Europe and China be positioned to supply a much smaller market?

I have been involved in several discussions on the LF forum on the future of 120, 4X5 and 8X10 film and would really appreciate your expert thoughts on this.


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As it is though, without any of my associates interested in doing this type of work and schools not being interested in it, we are in a devolutionary period in analog photo history in which we will probably devolve and normalize at about the 1920s era if we lose Kodak, Ilford and Fuji. And, believe me, times are tough for all 3 of them! As it is, I could go to the Formulary and teach a different workshop each week all summer but that will not be. It is just too stressful and time consuming let alone the fact that there may be no students for many of those courses or that it might strain the resources of the Formulary.