Thanks Sandy.
That makes it very clear. Now that I'm in a position to hopefully start selling some of my Platinum toned Vandykes, I'm concerned about the archival quality of them. It sounds like toning length isn't an issue I need to be too concerned about. Though I will start toning them longer than 5 minutes.


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He did not offer an opinion about this.

However, if we work on a replacement figure of 80% of the silver, that leaves 80% palladium and 20% silver. Even if the fading of the silver is 50%, highly unlikely if the print is processes correct, that still leaves an image with 90% of its original Dmax.

If the replacement figure was 90%, that would leave an image made up of 90% palladium and 10% silver. If the fading of the silver is 50%, that leaves 95% of Dmax.