Interesting topic. So the only way to keep the advances that we have . . . is to keep them going? Well, I suppose at some level deep down inside, we all know this, or there wouldn't be an Internet board devoted to analog process. I mean, let's be realistic - most (not all) but a considerable amount of our results or similar ones could be obtained using digital these days. But there is something about analog capture that tugs at me. I don't know if it's the "imperfectness" of the film or the peaceful solitude of a mechanical camera, or what it is. But something makes me want film to be around a long time. Even though, at least for what I do, a high-end digital camera could easily do it.

So...what I'd like to know is, in your estimation, if corporate greed were taken out of the equation and the photographic companies merged together their analog units only, into one corporation that existed to solely make analog supplies (i.e. film, paper, chemistry), could it support itself at the current levels of usage?
Or is the current supply to great for demand, and are we doomed to watch the lines of analog suppliers continue to hemorrhage money until they are all gone? Just curious. I thought things had pretty well stabilized for a bit, and then the economy went to pot. Wonder what effect that will have? Could be good or bad, depending.