Thanks for that analogy. I think I understand what you mean would be near impossible to recreate some of these products due to the artistic nature of the process.

What I meant by corporate greed (and perhaps that was the wrong term) was the fact that so many nice products seem to get killed off entirely instead of still being around in a lesser quantity that might be viable. For example, the bean counters say a product has to make $X to be around next year...or it gets the axe. What I was wondering was, are so many products being cut because they don't hit a magic number in sales, or is it really so bad that supply is too great for the demand and no one wants those products anymore at all?
Obviously if no one wants to buy (no demand), then the supply must be shut off, or the company goes bankrupt.
I was just curious where we're at on the supply/demand curve. For example, if you took all the analog products together, as if they were produced by one company, and then added up all the income from sales - would that company float? Would it be in the red or the black?
I'm not sure if I'm saying it right...did that make any more sense?