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"I try to teach my "art" to those who take my classes. I would like to do the following as well.... I could teach system design of negative films and papers, and system design of posiitive systems. I could teach developer design, fixer design and bleach/blix design.

In fact, fix, bleach and blix chemistry is much the least understood amongs the general users of these chemistries.

I could teach stabilzer design and image stability testing. This is another poorly understood area amongst the general analog photography population.

All of these involve "art" that is very esoteric, that the student could then take off on and extrapolate into new areas."

"I tried those system design threads here, and on PN, but there was little to no interest. In fact, there was quite a bit of contention from time to time, so I gradually gave up. My associates that have tried that here and elsewhere also found the same thing and advised me to give up."

Hello PE,

Have you considered writing a 'systems design" book as an follow-up to your book / CD (due out soon)? You know that the moment film becomes obsolete for motion picture purposes, and film's days become numbered (more than they are now), folks will be hounding you night and day for more 'systems design' information than what is discussed here. Perhaps dedicating systems design information to the public domain will allow some enterprising folks to one day start up film production all over again.


Bob M.