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Loose Gravel,
I got this answer from my friend Frank this AM:


You've come to the right person.....I even know the image the guy is
talking about. Oliver made an image of some aspens (I never knew the film
was Super XX -- I thought it was Ansco Versapan) and with only about 1-stop
difference in illumination between the darkest and the brightest areas of
the image, he developed the negative for about 24-hours in used D-23. But
he didn't just let it sit there, it must be agitated constantly for the
first hour, then at about 15-minutes intervals for the next 3-4 hours, and
then once each hour after that. I have seen the negative and it looks
positively silvery on the emulsion side. I have used the technique with
Versapan with good results. When that film was no longer available, I did
the same thing with the old Ilford FP-4. Then came TMax-100, and through
experimentation, I found that 1.5 hours in straight D-76 with 5-ml/per ltr
of 1% benzotriazole would take TMax100 to completion -- several of the
assistants to Oliver (I was an assistant instructor at his workshops in
Virginia City for seven summers in the 1980's) started referring to the
procedure as "Snot Development" -- meaning to develop the snot out of the
film. You can develop the snot out of any film so long as the highlight
densities are building faster than the film base + fog -- IOW's, so long as
you are building tonal range. While I have used this technique with TMax
100 in 120 film size, it does tend to get a bit grainy. For the past
couple of years, I've had very good luck with Ilford PanF Plus in straight
D-76 + the 1% BZ -- it takes very nicely to extreme extended
development.....easily N+4
(which is essentially Snot).

Hope this helps.....


So there you are....


Turns out I own one of these original Gagliani prints of the Aspens. It is a 4x5 contact print. Not only is there a lot of contrast, but there is a never-ending amount of detail in the image. The more you look, the more you see. Oliver mentions this negative in the video about him.