Man, I had no idea mountain biking / hiking with a LF camera was so popular! :-) Here I was thinking this was a crazy idea in part of my brain...but sounds really doable.
Yes, bike is full suspension - mid grade at about $1500, so it's decently heavy already - I can't afford one of those ultralight ones for $3-5K! :-) I don't have any racks or anything, and I was thinking about bungying the tripod to the frame - but I suppose one of those seat post mounted racks would work too.
I also agree with the guy who likes to ride w/ nothing on the back - it is nicer - but I wouldn't mind a small pack or camera bag hugging my back as long as it wasn't so big it hit the seat below my butt. Trying to bike with a big pack drives me crazy that way.

Well, so many models to look into here. Will take me some time to see - obviously lower priced is better right now, just to get my feet wet in LF and see if I like it. I have a feeling the "extra work" must be worth it over the postage stamp 35mm slides - but who knows what I will think when actually doing it?
Thanks, I do appreciate all the advice here! Glad to see this is such an active forum.