This is a series of questions for those who have experience with Ilforchrome material and the potential for masking during the printing process.

Some years ago, I worked with the older Cibachrome material for printing of color transparencies. I used unsharp masking of these slides to reduce the contrast range of the slide to allow it to be printed more effectively on the Cibachrome material. This procedure proved to be quite successful. Does the Ilfochrome material have the same limitations of contracted contrast range as the older Cibachrome?

I have developed a pin registration system for the Saunders 4550 XLG enlarger which I use in black and white printing. I have an individual who is emailing me about purchasing a system, such as mine, for use in masking on the Ilfochrome material. For those who print on Ilfochrome, would the ability to reduce the contrast range of the color transparency be of benefit? Would the ability to precisely burn and dodge (with sharp masking) be of benefit on this material? Would enhanced repeatability of print results be of interest?

Thanks for your responses, since I do not know anything about the current color materials arena.