BTW, Zion will now be an annual event. I guess per fell in love with Grafton. Wait until he sees Alton and another Ghost town up in the hills behind Orderville. Then we have the first breaks of Cedar Breaks, Navajo Lake and its lava tube waterfall, Bristlecone pine forest, Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Shakespearan costume models........ I could keep you all shooting for a month and not hit all the spots.

I will be working with some of the places in Springdale to get the best rates for those who would like to attend. I understand that Geary wants to handle the educational end of it. I can handle the locations and facility arrangements, and Per well he is the pro. He is such a wonderful person who is very genrous with his time and expertise.

Geary you forgot Jason and Sharon. They are also apuggers.