Getting hold of chemicals in Norway is a lot more complicated than you would think; it certainly is a lot more complicated than I would have thought.

First, there is only one supplier of general chemicals.

Second, they only sell to businesses, not private customers.

Third, they have the worst internet catalogue and ordering system I have ever seen.

Fourth, they have a CD-ROM version of the catalogue which is totally different from the online version: Different content, different names, different order numbers.

As it happens, I do own a registered business, even if I just keep it for things like this.
I also have a degree in chemistry and am familiar with several naming conventions. I also have some experience in database design and search criteria.

I have managed to get all I need (in quantities large enough to last me into my next life) - except for green ammoniumferricitrate (or ferrioxalate, but I can make that).

This supplier lists two versions of (NH4)Fe-citrate, with no mention of colour. So I bought the one with the highest concentration of iron. It's bright rust red.

The other version, I eventually managed to worm out of the database, is "pale brown"...

But the red stuff works, even if all I've read about exposure must be changed. It seems to give lower contrast, with a tendency to get very dark very quickly.

Any advice as to what changes I should make? Or should I sit down and try to work it out myself? Maybe next time it rains for a week - or month - I'll try that anyway. In the meantime, I'd be grateful for any and all suggestions.

Ole Tjugen