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I think I was the newest to LF on that trip. I don't even have a camera yet. Everyone was wonderful and I was able to tag along with several people (Sean, Matt, Per, Aggie, Sharon, Rob) and see how everyone makes their images. Aggie even loaned me her Wista for the day at the ghost town! I think the highlight was shooting 6 sheets of 8x10 with Rob on my last day. How cool was that?!

It was a pleasure hauling people's gear and I learned more than I could process. Thanks to everyone for being so nice

I'll be back next year with a camera.
Welcome to apug Allan. BTW it was a wisner not wista. I figured out what happened to those negatives with the spot. I have to send them to you. I appreciated all the help you gave me. I nailed all the reciprocity shots without the spot meter. If it hadn't been for you, I would have relied to heavily on the spot meter, and not trusted my instincts.

Robert, I shot two rolls of color. One had a yellow filter on, which I forgot to take off. Since it is negative film not slide, I hope it can be fixed. Sharon did a bunch of time zero color shots that she manipulated. We ran the gamut of mediums and film types.