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What does an f-stop timer do that an ordinary timers doesn't? I guess I shoould read the book but, can somebody give a brief overview?
I too was very sceptical as to the benefits.

How did counting in parts of stops help you print when with a bit of mental dexterity you can achieve the same results

After all a timer f-stop or linear just controls how much light falls on you photographic paper

However, after universal endorsement of the StopClock Pro at a UK APUG get together, I was sufficiently swayed to get one.

I remained sceptical if it was money well spent right up to the moment I started using it.

The test strip mode, the programmable subsequent steps, the two alternative timer channels and the dry down capabilities all seemed to answer needs I didn't even know I had.

I am not sure I am really getting the best out of it yet - but thatís more to do with my capabilities than those of the machine.

The thing I noticed was how much easier printing was, I was able to concentrate on the print in front of me.

I didn't have to think much about the exposure and how to adjust it.

Itís amazing how quickly you get your eye in on what a 1/6th or a 1/12th of a stop looks like

If I had to start again tomorrow, it wouldn't be the first thing I would buy for the darkroom but it would be right up at in the top three items on the list

I am now so glad I bought one

I could not contemplate going back to a linear timer

Keith, it I doubt it will be the best photographic investment you have ever made but it is a great piece of kit and I consider it to be good value for money.