The Fotokemika run of my matrix film emulsion sold out a few years ago, but it is still working well and isn't showing signs of age such as fogging or long wash-off times. Currently, there is no commercial supply of matrix film, but it is possible that this may become available in the future. Until then, making the film yourself is the only option. The main problem there is that the Dupont Melinex 582/3 isn't available as a stock item, so you have to do a factory run of 12 master rolls, costing about $ 150,000. There is the possibility of using corona discharge techniques so you don't need the special subbing layer, but I haven't tried it. If worse comes to worse, and I can't get a commercially made supply of the matrix film, I will build a 50" coater with a corona discharge unit, and coat my own film - probably 100 to 200 feet at a time, as that would be the limit of my space for drying the film. Its small scale, but more efficient than my simple flat-bed travelling slot coater, which is great for coating small amounts of film as cut sheets. You need to coat fairly large amounts of film to be useful, since you need at least 3 sheets of film at the final size of the print - there is no enlargement.

Regards - Jim

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I was hoping you would add to this discussion.

I would like to add that someday, as I mentioned in another post here, matrix film may be unobtainable except by making and coating using methods you have published. This is a real possibility as the market for everything decreases.

Jim's flat bed coater makes excellent 30x40 sheets of film and may be one of the few routes to large sheets of film or paper that is coated in small shops. He has published the plans on his web site.

In fact, I would like to mention that Jim's Matrix emulsion formula will be in my book with Jim's kind permission and for which I thank him here in advance. Thanks Jim!