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Thanks, Sandy. I did not know exactly how Oxaca did their water. I imagine that there are some sort of water lines but they are so bad that they've resorted to cisterns. I understand some hotels in San Miguel use cisterns, too, because of the plumbing issues and it's a very old town, too. Of course I mean no denegration towards Mexico about this. I love Mexico, but reality is reality.


I could be wrong but my understanding is that there were never any water lines in the city, at least outside of the very old area just below the Arquitos region. You probably have visited this very quaint part of the city, with the small shops, residences and restaurants tucked under the little arches that supported an aqueduct that brought water down from sources in the mountains that surround the city. BTW, I forgot to mention that many houses and hotels have cisterns, in the form of black cylindrical tanks, on the roof rather than in the ground, or in some cases they have cisterns both places.

In any event this is a fascinating place to visit. If ever there was a place that celebrated art and beauty it is Oaxaca. One very prominent Oaxacan once told me, they say we *zapotecs* are not very pretty people, but we have art running through our veins. And the latter part of that sentence is definitely true. If you like art, beauty, color, creativity and originality it is hard to beat this beautiful and in many ways unique city.