how far has any one striped one of these cameras?

i think the bellows will have to be replaced the more i look the more holes i find and the more i move the bellows the bigger the holes get.

looking at the rear standard, are the studs that hold the top of the metal arms to the bellows box standard rivets? the inside ends of the rivets are peened over and the only way to disassemble the rear box is to drill out the end of the stud/rivets and i dont fancy drilling them out only to find that the stud is a fancy part that requres machining to remake. The reason i ask is the paint on the bellows box is flaking off and really needs removing and repainting or varnishing as there is evidence of water marks in the exposed wood, striping the paint and sanding the box would be quite awkward with the metal work in place.

can any one shed any light?