I think I posted here before about a previous coup.

More news kinda just in:

A few weeks ago I was at the local camera repair place, this guy works out of his house a total gent and a wonderful array of cameras everywhere, his and customers fully serviced awaiting pick-up. A real play ground and a great place to hold some out of budget pro stuff as well as cherished oldies.

I was shown a Konica Auto S3 rangefinder and told that it would give any Leica a run for it’s money in sharpness, The camera felt tiny and puny to me. I got the history of hexagon lens and their legendary sharpness. It was a camera I'd have ignored completely if I saw it.

Fast forward two weekends later in a small town in West Cork, the local charity shop, there is the usual 3 or 4 Haminex plastic crappy point and shot 35mms hanging by their cords in the corner gathering dust, sometimes you find a decent case, always worth a look. There amongst them was an Auto S3, with original case. The lens was mint as a filter was wedged tight on. They said €20, I knew I could have haggled for less but thought a steal is a steal.

I've tried it and wow what a lens, if we get sunshine in Ireland this summer (5% probability!!) I can't wait to try this fill in flash feature.

That night I also got to hold a few Hasselblad Systems…this is the dangerous part … “Dear Santa Claus ………….