I've been using Divided D-76 for the past few months and am quite pleased with the results. It works especially well in our temporary kitchen film processing setup.

One frustration is that in both the stock Divided D-76 (photo formulary kit) and the part B I mix with Borax, crystals or other particulate seem to form in the chemistry after it's been sitting a few days. I shake it up, and filter it through a coffee filter before using it, but I fear (and seem to see in the results) that the more particulate I feel in the jug (a WHOLE LOT in the part B/Borax mix) and subsequently filter out, the weaker I'm making my developer.

I take as much care as I can muster to mix both parts until I see no particulate whatsoever when I first mix the stock. This happens after they've cooled and have sat idle for several days in our cabinet.

Hopefully someone will have some suggestions. I'd like to keep using this for a while, but I need to get over this problem. With the part B from Borax (60g /liter of 100 degree water), this particulate problem is really bad. I go so far as to mix it a liter at a time (until I have a gallon) in a blender to make sure I get the Borax dissolved, but before long, I not only have particulate, but big flippin' chunks almost the size of my fist (sounds like) banging around in the jug.

Thanks in advance,