Hi PE,
Sorry about that post - poor choice of words when I said "corporate greed". What I meant was the bean-counters making all the decisions. I do realize that a company has to make money to survive - I own my own small business, and boy do I know that the hard way!

What I was trying to get at, was this:
Do you think we have reached a point where demand about equals the supply of analog products out there? Or, is the supply still too great (or is demand dropping so fast) that if you put all the analog products together, as if they were made by Company X...would that company be making money or losing it?

If it would be losing money, then we will see products cut and the hemorrhaging continue. If it would make money, then we can be assured of analog products for the foreseeable future.

Where this comes into play for this thread in my mind, is:
If the only way to perpetuate the knowledge / manufacturing of analog products is to make them, then we need some artists to pass down the info in books/classes to those of us who care. Obviously you had a hard time finding enough to justify a class...but there are those, like myself, who may not ever have the time to make emulsions ourselves, but would like to see the art continued. We would be willing to pony up $50 - $120 for a nice book, or access to the information, etc, just to have the knowledge and to help offset the costs of teaching those who can. This way the cost burden is distributed amongst those who care about it (kind of like forming a research society), and the art is passed down to those who have the time to do it.
Hope that makes sense,