My grandfather-in-law was an avid photographer. He shot all over the world, professionally. He was also a machinist. We purchased their house (white bear lake) when they moved into a nursing home, and inherited all the stuff that came with it. He passed on a few years ago.

What our fuse box refers to as a "wine cellar" had been the "dark room." He developed his own film. I believe it was medium format mainly, but also possibly some large, I can't be sure. I'd guess small too. It consists of a B+W enlarger (handmade), a color enlarger, a film dryer, magnet-hook things for hanging things off the HVAC duct, tongs, pans, a stand that holds the pan like a sink with a counter, and possibly more. The clock thing, probably the red light bulb? Any chemicals left I'm sure are expired and gross. There's probably photo paper.

I don't know how to load film, let alone develop it. I appreciate those who do, of course.

What is a fair price to sell this stuff for without doing crazy amounts of research into learning what it all is? I have a couple friends I think might be interested, and if they're not I'll go public