So I'm trying to figure out if I can repair the Alpa Roto camera I bought in the mid 90s. It worked when I got it (used), but since then, the main rubber o ring in the camera deteriorated badly (to the point of becoming a sticky goo-like substance). This o ring is crucial since it is what provides the drive system friction to turn the camera. The 70s and 80s rubber technology must've really been in the dark ages since I've experienced a similar occurence with some rubber capstans in video equipment from the same era.

There was a company in NY, Karl Heitz, IIRC that serviced Alpa Rotos, but I believe they are no longer in business. I even tried to contact Alpa, but they no longer serviced the Roto either

Posting here on the slim (to none) chance that anyone has any info or experience with this camera. Would be very nice to be able to put this very heavy (20 lbs?) but very capable (6xANY LENGTH plus lens shift) camera back into service.