May I ask how you cut down the film, and how you managed to get the sprocket holes in correctly? It does look gorgeous.

I shoot a fair bit of Super 8 and process most of it myself (Both color and black and white, but haven't tried negative stocks yet.) Depending on what's needed I take out the Canon 814Xl-s, Beaulieu 4008ZMII, or a Nizo S800 (Why can't more cameras have the ability to open op the shutter fully? It's capable of some amazing results..)

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I have not processed my own Super8 film but am interested in doing so. B&W reversal to begin with.

I would actually advice doing color reversal first, as it's quite a bit easier compared to B&W reversal, considering there's no re-exposing needed in color development. Temperature is always the key, though. And loading correctly can be quite tricky.. Good luck!