[QUOTE=Tjibs;779701]May I ask how you cut down the film, and how you managed to get the sprocket holes in correctly? It does look gorgeous.

i got super 8 sound/PRO 8 california to do a load of stocks,but i had big problems with dirt and unstable images. and bad customer service.
i spent a fortune.i then found a batch of russian cartridges that you could open,and found an old geezer in a film lab near notting hill london.
the lab was a motion picture lab and they had big old slitter perf machine.
he did all the work for 5 pounds a roll.
the lab has now gone and i do not know what happened to the machine.
the film had excellent stability.
the stocks i had made into super 8 were.
agfa apx 25
agfa apx 100
ilford xp2
ilford pan f
ilford hp5
ilford sfx
fuji velvia
fuji provia 100 and 400