I use Trewax on my silver prints. It is a carnauba paste for floors, very tough. I can put it on mounted prints and you wouldn't even notice the wax that got on the board, but it does increase the depth and brilliance of the print. Since it is a tremendously tough film, it also protects the print from abrasion, just as it does the floor. I don't know whether it cuts UV. It would require more buffing than beeswax because it has a much higher melting point. I've tried beeswax and don't like it because it is too soft.

I learned this in the mid 60's from Minor White, but I believe he used the similar Johnson's product. The important thing, I believe, is that the wax should be carnauba. These waxes are turpentine based; I don't know whether there is a product that uses a friendlier solvent.

Clarence John Laughlin used to flow floor lacquer onto his prints. They were wonderfully rigid and glossy. No problem handling them, even unmatted. At a large gathering of students, he simply passed them around.