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The ROC cameras I have, which include an 8x10 universal, take a wooden holder that is not only larger than the modern holder, but do not accommodate the ridge that is incorporated on modern holders for locking the holder in place in the camera; there is no slot. Look for wooden holders that don't have that ridge on ebay or do as pgomena suggests and contact Richard. His work is second to none.
Thanks for the most useful reply yet. After getting that holder from Pacific Rim, it became clear that it was also the wrong type, as it has the retaining ridge that "modern" film holders (i.e., Fidelity, Lisco, etc.) have, with no corresponding groove in the back to accommodate the ridge, as you point out.

I should say at this point that this is a minimal-outlay project on my part; the camera basically fell into my hands, and I've spent a total of less than $20 on it so far. Having an expen$ive custom back made for it is out of the question.

However, it might not be that difficult to make my own back; all it is, basically, is a flat board with locating pins, a window for the exposure and rails for the ground-glass holder (well, I'd probably have to make a new g.g. holder as well, but all that is is a little picture frame with a spring attached to it). The only critical thing here is flatness (the original back was warped and I had to flatten it anyhow); the only critical distance (so-called "T-depth") is in the g.g. holder.

At this point my original ardor for actually taking pictures with this antique are somewhat dampened. I was hoping it would be an easy stroll to getting the right film holders. If it's going to be a whole big production I might just put the damn thing up on the shelf.