I just received a Canon F-1 (n) yesterday.
The body is in great condition with very little brassing. The prism has a bit more brassing than the body so either it was added later or the body was in a case for most of its life.

My first impression was that it was this was a camera that meant business. The paint is a matte black instead of a shiny black I was expecting. The dials and levers all have a robust industrial feel to them.

After fuddling with the camera for a while, one thing became apparent. This camera is HEAVY. I am am going to need some weight training if I plan on using this.

The camera I received had the standard prism, not the AE prism. However I found that setting the shutter speed to "A" will allow the camera to change shutter speeds. Is this not aperture priority?

Also one thing I was dissapointed about. From what I understood the F1n had spot metering or average metering. However, I have found that in order to switch from one pattern to another, you actually have to replace the view screen. Certainly not like my T70 that switches back and forth on a moments notice.

Last question: What is the button next to the shutter speed dial labeled "R" for?