I like having independent adjustment of each axis for tripod shots. I don't need the tripod itself to be perfectly level unless doing a series of panoramic shots. It is quick enough to get my basic horizontal composition using the bottom handle, then level the axes using the two top handles. If I need to make slight adjustments by using the bottom handle again, it is very quick to level the camera again.

If I had to be on a tripod or monopod, yet recompose frequently, and not need to make tiny, precise adjustments this way and that, I would like to use a ball head with a handle release lever. They are very handy for that, but I don't need to do that often enough to want to actually purchase one.

I am extremely happy with my Bogen 3047 heads. They are also dirt cheap on the used market, and there is rarely anything that can really go wrong with them or break that would put them out of commission (and if it does, it is easy to fix).

For my Sinar, I would love to eventually get the Sinar Tripod head and the geared rail clamp. All in good time......the 3047s are fine for now. They just have a rather high profile, and put one more thing between camera and tripod that can fail. However, I have had no problems yet, knock on wood.