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I just received a Canon F-1 (n) yesterday.
The body is in great condition with very little brassing. The prism has a bit more brassing than the body so either it was added later or the body was in a case for most of its life.

Last question: What is the button next to the shutter speed dial labeled "R" for?
My F1n doesn't have a button with an "R". Are you misreading the marking "A" on the deck next to the shutter release? this is a two position turn switch which unlocks the advance "A" or locks it by turning to the "L" position. You can find a manual for the camera on line at many web sites to download free. I got my first F1 in 1972 when they first came out and later got another so that I carried two of them, one with motor drive and the other without. These were the best cameras I ever owned and I recently purchased and F1n after about 10 years without one. If they made a digital back for that camera it would be the best digital/analog camera in existance. Yes, it is heavy but with a motor drive and a 300mm lens you can handhold all day due to the perfect balance. I love that camera.

For some reason, the prisms on the F1 seem to get more wear than other parts of the camera. Many of the prisms have dents and dings on them, I guess because they protrude above the body so much.